Our mission is to
bring your ideas to life

About us

ATTIC 6 is a 3D visualization studio. Above all, we are experts in illustrating a project by creating virtual images.

The passion for architecture and photography, combined with the constant search for new knowledge, helps us to be more assertive in the possibilities and sensations indicated for your project.

We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.
Winston Churchill

Our Team

  • Flávia Guedes

    Flávia Guedes

    Client Manager
  • Patrícia Rosa

    Patrícia Rosa

    Architect & 3D Artist
  • Mafalda Rosa

    Mafalda Rosa

    Brand Marketing Manager



Illustrate a realistic experience of everything you can imagine.

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The consultancy aims to assist in the composition and organization of the environment. It can include 2D drawings and a furniture suggestions list.

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Virtual Home Staging​

Virtual home staging is an illustrative composition and decoration assistance, daily helping the real estate market.

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